Digital finance pioneers in Liechtenstein form sales partnership

4 min readAug 16, 2021


From now on, potential issuers enjoy the truly 360° digital experience to structure their Security Token Offerings with the support of two major players in the tokenisation space. With Amazing Blocks, issuers have an experienced partner on their side to tokenise various assets according to the Liechtenstein Token Act. The Amazing Blocks tokenisation software suits the needs for tokenising all kinds of assets (e.g., machines, cash flow generating contracts, trademarks, real estate, cars). The Security Token Offering can then be easily listed on area2invest, a fully digitized and cross-border ‘Online Shop for Financial Products’ by AG. On area2invest, issuers can present their structured financing offers to investors in public or closed form and broaden their placement reach and power internationally.

“In the future, assets of all kinds will be issued, tokenised and represented on a blockchain. This partnership adds another substantial extension to our network and is a further step towards providing our customers with the best possible all-round package when it comes to tokenising assets of all kinds.” Nicolas Weber, Head of Business Development at Amazing Blocks AG.

“Together we build the infrastructure to make the vision of a token economy reality. This partnership will enable customers of both companies to enter the market more conveniently while enjoying the highest degree of legal certainty. The concept of a complete solution that is both simple and efficient is the goal, and together we are once again a big step closer to achieving it.” Max Heinzle, CEO at AG.

The cooperation between Amazing Blocks and 21finance provides clients with a complete and professional service on their way to establishing a digital entity of their company. From now on, AG with its multi-asset and multi-product marketplace area2invest and Amazing Blocks with its tokenisation software will democratize the world of finance together.

About 21finance & area2invest

21finance, founded in 2017, provides with its B2B product Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) a whitelabel marketplace and network for banks and financial intermediaries to connect issuers with investors in private and public market sectors. This service offers banks and financial intermediaries a fast and lucrative entry into digital direct sales. The all-in-one platform solution from 21finance can be integrated into the client’s existing infrastructure and manage both traditional and digital assets. In addition, numerous integrable banking services are also available. More about 21finance can be found here. Since May 2020, 21finance also successfully operates its innovative marketplace area2invest.

area2invest is Europe’s first marketplace for securities and token issuances, connecting natural and legal persons, non-professional, and professional investors with issuers from different asset and product classes. On area2invest, investors gain access to a 360-degree product portfolio. Via the “online shop for financial products”, they invest 100% digitally, independently, without additional fees. Issuers benefit from a one-stop solution from tokenisation to placement and distribution. With area2invest, they expand their placement reach and power internationally through access to a broad investor network. More about area2invest is available here.

About Amazing Blocks

Tokenisation will inherit a key role in the future of Web 3.0 with billions of dollars expected to be invested in this space by 2027 according to multiple reports. Amazing Blocks supports with its IT solutions the legally compliant tokenisation of equity and asset ownership in line with the Liechtenstein Token Act.

Amazing Blocks is a Liechtenstein-based legal tech startup that enables the creation and management of equity tokens. Leveraging the Liechtenstein Token Act, almost any asset or company can be tokenised. This includes real estate, cars, machines, and even fine art. Flexible tokens (e.g., equity tokens or debt tokens or participation rights as tokens) represent legal rights and are treated as a security according to the Liechtenstein Token Act. Liechtenstein Law permits the foundation of entities with initial contributions in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. This makes the necessity for a bank account obsolete and enables great flexibility in the foundation process. Logically, Amazing Blocks was founded with an initial contribution in Ethereum and became the first company with completely tokenised equity. Like any other equity tokenisation, it can be observed on Etherscan and grants great transparency. This showed the immense innovation potential in legal tech and established Amazing Blocks as pioneers, merging law and tech.

Amazing Blocks assists clients in all questions connected to the topic of equity tokenisation and has a large network of partners familiar with the legal situation in Liechtenstein. The result is equity management with the full advantages of tokenisation and the legal security of a conventional company structure.

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